The vast majority of the images on this site are selections from We Have Faith: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Clergy and People of Faith Speak Out, the latest touring photo-text exhibit created by Family Diversity Projects. This exhibit includes interviews by Peggy Gillespie of leading LGBT clergy, allied clergy, and people of faith, and photos by Gigi Kaeser – the same team that created the award-winning travelling exhibit Love Makes A Family: Portraits of LGBT People and their Families. We Have Faith is an exceptional and inspiring resource that can help open minds and hearts.

We Have Faith features renowned clergy and people of many faiths and denominations including United Church of Christ, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Catholic, Jewish, Congregational, Pentecostal, Muslim, Mormon, Unitarian Universalist, Reformed Church of America, MCC, Baptist, and Buddhist.

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